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thank you for your interest in my session "nurturing, or killing, your next concept: 0-to-1 product validation." you can access resources below and learn more about what we're up to at peak studios.

peak studios

peak studios is a validation-as-a-service and product consultancy. we help product, business, and startup teams rigorously validate (or invalidate) their concepts. we also offer educational sessions and resources for companies, educational institutions, and startup hubs on ideation, validation, and market research.

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perceptional offers teams the ability to leverage AI-moderated user interviews in their customer discovery, product validation, and market research.

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deciphe enables teams to analyze their online survey results in seconds using AI. it's the 'Survey Results' page you wish you had in Google Forms, Typeform, Qualtrics, ...

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slide deck

access the slide deck "nurturing, or killing, your next concept: 0-to-1 product validation."

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validation spreadsheet

access a validation spreadsheet template that can be adapted for your use case. this includes a contact list sheet, a hypothesis sheet, and a response collection sheet.

link to validation spreadsheet

outreach templates

access sample linkedin and email drafts for customer discovery outreach.

link to outreach templates

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