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we understand that launching your next incremental feature, new product, or first startup is daunting. the uncertainty, the risk, and the need for validation - we've been there. you don't want to waste time, resources, and money if you don't absolutely have to. that is why we have crafted our unique offering - validation-as-a-service.

what is validation-as-a-service?
validation-as-a-service is our tailored solution to help individuals as well as small-to-medium companies de-risk new product launches. we provide you with the insights, tools, and expertise to be more confident that your next big idea resonates with your target audience.

why is validation important?
simply put, validation is meant to de-risk what you want to launch. while it's helpful to launch and iterate a minimum viable product, doing so without validation can cause you to waste time and resources.

why validation-as-a-service?
it's all too easy to fall in love with our product idea, solution, or technology. that causes many business leaders to skip the validation stage of new product development. even worse, you can conduct the validation stage but do it all for show; focusing on data and collecting feedback that is biased with a decision you have already made. our team is here to provide you with advisory support or end-to-end product validation services.

can't ai do this for me?
yes, using ai tools can help you get the ball rolling with validation, provide a market overview, kick off a plan of action, and much more. we even built a simple ai tool to help you get started, try it out here.

however, validation ultimately comes down to running experiments to help you validate and assess the viability of your product idea - and that's where we can come in to help.

what we offer?
depending on where you are in your product journey, we can offer one or multiple of our following dedicated services.


we embark on a creative journey to uncover the hidden potential in your ideas. this phase is all about thinking outside the box, asking the right questions, and finding innovative solutions that align with your business goals. we want to explore your startup or product problem(s) and understand the users experiencing them.

deliverable: workshop, ideation report, action plan for next steps

market research

we dive deep into your industry, understanding the trends, competitors, and opportunities that shape your landscape. we'll help you identify key market segments and tailor your product to meet real-world demands.

deliverable: market research and sizing report


our signature offering, validation-as-a-service, is a comprehensive approach to product and feature testing. we'll work together to set-up clear, testable hypotheses for your problem, define qualitative and quantitative metrics that will help us decide what a 'validated' idea will look like, and conduct unbiased customer interviews to get unfiltered, actionable feedback.

deliverable: customer interviews, qualitative or quantitative experiments, wireframes, prototype, report, launch recommendation

fractional product management

we take a hands-on approach to your product development, offering the expertise of seasoned product managers on a fractional basis. understanding your unique challenges and goals, we can guide you through new product or feature development as well as product strategy, execution, and optimization. you gain access to top-tier product management talent, without the need for a full-time commitment.

deliverable: fractional product management services

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